Applicants, as the owners of record of adjacent parcels that are described by either a metes and bounds description or on a recorded plat, may exchange title to portions of the parcels.
   A.   The planning commission may approve an exchange of title if the following conditions are met:
      1.   No new dwelling lot or housing unit will result from the exchange of title;
      2.   The adjustment does not result in violations of applicable zoning requirements.
   B.   If an exchange of title is approved, a notice of approval shall be recorded in the office of the county recorder by the zoning administrator. This notice must:
      1.   Be executed by each owner included in the exchange and the planning commission;
      2.   Contain an acknowledgment for each party executing the notice;
      3.   Recite the descriptions of both the original parcels and the parcels created by the exchange of title.
   C.   A notice of approval does not act as a conveyance of title to real property and is not required for the recording of a document purporting to convey title to real property. (Ord. 2014-02, 4-8-2014)