An applicant may subdivide property by metes and bounds into three (3) or less lots or parcels provided that all proposed lots or parcels front an improved or dedicated public street and comply with the applicable zone standards. This process should be completed in the following manner:
   A.   An applicant shall submit an application to the zoning administrator for a simple lot subdivision that includes, at a minimum:
      1.   The name of applicant or authorized agent and contact information;
      2.   A property address and parcel number;
      3.   The address for the subdivision;
      4.   The metes and bounds description of the property proposed to be divided (a surveyed plat is required by law);
      5.   Any other information relating to the subdivision that may be requested by the zoning administrator; and
      6.   The subdivision name, if applicable.
   B.   Simple lot subdivisions shall not be approved until such time as the applicant provides verification that utility hookups to each proposed lot or parcel are available.
   C.   The applicant must secure written approval from the public health department on simple lot subdivisions if it is determined that the property is not serviced by the public sewer system.
   D.   Upon a determination that the proposed survey plat is consistent with the general plan and upon receipt of the owners' tax clearance, and approval from the culinary water authority and irrigation authority, the zoning administrator may approve a final simple lot subdivision, the planning commission a minor subdivision and the city council a major subdivision as provided above. (Ord. 2014-02, 4-8-2014)