A.   An applicant may submit to the county recorder's office for recording a document that subdivides property by metes and bounds into less than ten (10) lots if:
      1.   The planning commission has given the city council its recommendation, whether favorable or not; and
      2.   The document contains a certificate or written approval from the city council. A record of survey is still required under this process by Utah state law.
   B.   By indicating its approval on the document subdividing the property into less than ten (10) lots, the city council certifies that:
      1.   The planning commission has given its recommendation to the city council;
      2.   The subdivision is not traversed by the mapped lines of a proposed street as shown in the general plan and does not require the dedication of any land for street or other public purposes; and
      3.   If the subdivision is located in a zoned area, each lot in the subdivision meets the frontage, width and area requirements of the zoning ordinance or has been granted a variance from those requirements by the appeal authority.
   C.   Documents recorded in the county recorder's office that divide property by metes and bounds description do not create a subdivision allowed hereunder unless the certificate of written approval required by subsection A of this section, is attached to the document.
   D.   The absence of the certificate or written approval from the city council does not affect the validity of the recorded document.
   E.   A document which does not meet the requirements of this section may be corrected to comply with this section by recording an affidavit to which the required certificate or written approval is attached.
   F.   For purposes of this section:
      1.   "Document" includes, but is not limited to, a deed or other written conveyance that transfers the property creating a simple lot or minor subdivision;
      2.   "Certificate" or "written approval" means a document signed by the mayor and city recorder, verifying that the subdivision has been approved by the city council at a regular or special meeting of the city council during which the subdivision was presented, discussed and approved.
The form of certificate or written approval required herein is located at the city offices entitled: "Green River City Subdivision Recordation Certificate". (Ord. 2014-02, 4-8-2014)