For the keeping of farm animals within residential zones of the city, the following requirements are provided:
   A.   No farm animals shall be kept on any lot smaller than thirty thousand (30,000) square feet.
      1.   Small animals of one animal unit, similar, but not limited to, chickens and rabbits, may be kept on lots of seven thousand five hundred (7,500) square feet or larger.
   B.   The number of farm animals kept on any lot or parcel in the residential zones, except for small animals as defined in subsection A of this section, shall not exceed one farm "animal unit", as defined herein, for each ten thousand (10,000) square feet of lot or parcel size.
   C.   No farm animals shall be kept on any lot or parcel where less than twenty thousand (20,000) square feet of the lot or parcel is used as livestock management, nor shall fractional animal units be permitted for horses, mules, donkeys, bovine cows, llamas or alpacas.
      1.   Livestock Management Areas: Shall include all portions of the lot or parcel used as sheds, barns, coops, corrals, pastures, stables, gardens, or cultivated grounds, where animal waste can be spread, but shall not include any area of the lot or parcel devoted to dwellings, sidewalks, driveways or lawns.
      2.   Pasture Requirements: Lots or parcels where farm animals are kept must be maintained with at least seventy five percent (75%) pastured area. Pasture will not be required for fowl, except ratite fowl.
      3.   Pasture Defined: An area of a lot or parcel which is used intermittently for animals to browse, but which is not used for long term continual confinement. Pasture area shall be maintained such that the ground surface remains predominantly vegetated at all times.
   D.   One "animal unit" shall be any one of the following:
      1.   One each of cow, horse, mule, donkey, bovine cow.
      2.   Two (2) each of llama or alpaca.
      3.   Four (4) each of adult sheep, goats, ratite fowl.
      4.   Eight (8) each of feeder lambs.
      5.   Twelve (12) each of any other fowl than ratite, and rabbits together with the suckling offspring thereof.
      6.   No pigs or porcine shall be kept in any zone within the city limits. Any farm animal not specifically permitted is prohibited.
   E.   Structures shall be provided and maintained for all animals. Such structures shall be enclosed (fully or partially), roofed and shall comply with all other setbacks and yard requirements for the zone.
   F.   The following additional requirements shall apply to the location of all pens, corrals, barns, stables, coops, and other structures for the confinement and keeping of farm animals:
      1.   All such structures and buildings shall be located a minimum fifty feet (50') from all dwellings located on surrounding lots or parcels.
      2.   All feed storage shall be set back the same as accessory buildings in the underlying zone.
      3.   Any structure or enclosure for the confinement of farm animals within the city limits must be cleaned and maintained so as not to become a health hazard or nuisance.
   G.   Every lot or parcel used for the keeping of farm animals must have a year round water supply. (Ord. 2010-04, 8-10-2010)