A.   Application; Information Required: No permit for the moving of a residential, commercial or industrial building within the city which has had prior use shall be issued as required under chapter 15 of this title without first filing an application with the planning and zoning administrator. Said application shall contain the following information:
      1.   Location and address of the old and new site.
      2.   Plot plan of the new location, also showing adjacent lots on all sides of the property and indicating all structures and improvements on said lots.
      3.   Plans and specifications for the proposed improvements at the new location, including plans for landscaping treatment, when required by the planning and zoning administrator. (Ord. 6-18-81A, 6-18-1981)
      4.   Certification by the planning and zoning administrator that the structure is sound enough to be moved and meets HUD standards and that the condition, location, and use of the building will comply with this title and all other applicable codes and ordinances. (Ord. 6-18-81A, 6-18-1981; amd. per minutes dated 5-8-2001)
   B.   Approval; Findings: The application must then be approved by the board of adjustment. Before approving said application and authorizing the issuance of a permit, the board must find that:
      1.   The building will have no appreciable detrimental effect on the environment and property values in the area into which the structure is to be moved.
      2.   The building is in conformity with the quality of buildings existing in the area into which it is proposed to be moved.
      3.   Said building and the lot on which the building is to be located will conform to the requirements of this title and other applicable codes, ordinances and regulations.
      4.   Its location on the lot does not in any substantial way adversely affect buildings or uses in abutting properties.
      5.   All required dedications and improvements for streets and facilities and buildings shall be provided in conformity with the standards of the city.
      6.   Adequate provision has been made through the posting of a bond or assurance that the building and grounds shall be brought up to the standard of a new building before it is occupied and that the vacated site shall be restored to a safe and sightly condition. (Ord. 6-18-81A, 6-18-1981)
   C.   Applicability To Other Structures 1 : The requirements of this section shall also apply to the moving of mobile homes, demountable homes, manufactured homes or a similar movable structure. (Ord. 6-18-81A, 6-18-1981; amd. per minutes dated 5-8-2001)



1. See also subsection 10-12-17B of this title.