A.   Permit Required: It shall be unlawful for any person to construct, alter, repair, move, remove or occupy any construction within the city without first taking out or procuring the permit required for such construction, alteration, repair, movement, removal or occupancy, or for any person to continue with any such action when the permit pertaining thereto has been suspended or stop order has been issued.
   B.   Application For Permit: All applications for a building permit shall be made to the building inspector on a form prescribed by the city, and shall be accompanied by plans which have been drawn to scale showing the dimensions of the planned construction, actual dimension of the lot to be built upon, the size and location of existing buildings and, as required, the location and layout of off street parking and a landscaping plan. Applications will be signed by the owner of the property to be built upon or altered, and also by any contractor who will be involved in the building or alteration, giving his Utah state contractor's license number. (1995 Code § 15-2-2)
   C.   Valuation Chart And Fees: The fee for a building permit shall be set according to a valuation table to be developed and reviewed on a regular basis by the building inspector, and approved by the city council at a regularly scheduled meeting. The valuation table shall be based upon the current Utah state building costs as derived from the International Conference of Building Officials building standards table published yearly. Current building valuations for our area shall be available upon request from the city recorder. (1995 Code § 15-2-3)
   D.   Permits To Comply: No permit shall be granted for the construction or alteration of any building or structure, for the moving of a building or structure onto a lot, or for the change in use of any land, building or structure, if such construction, alteration, moving or change in use would be a violation of any of the provisions of title 10 of this code, nor shall any sewer or water service line or electric or gas utilities be installed to serve the premises if such use would be in violation of said ordinance. (1995 Code § 15-2-4)
   E.   Issuance Of Permit: Upon approval of the application for building permit by the building inspector and payment of the required fee, a building permit shall be issued in duplicate by the city recorder on a form prescribed by the city. Each permit shall be numbered consecutively. (1995 Code § 15-2-5)
   F.   Index Of Permits: The city recorder shall keep an index of all permits issued in numerical order, stating the permit number, name of applicant, date issued and amount paid. (1995 Code § 15-2-6)
   G.   Records Maintained: A careful record of said application, plans and completed building permit shall be kept in the office of the city recorder for a period of two (2) years from the date of receipt thereof. The application and completed building permit shall thereafter be kept in perpetuity, or in the case of commercial construction, all plans and papers pertaining to the permit application in addition to the completed building permit, will be kept in perpetuity. (1995 Code § 15-2-7)
   H.   Responsibility For Obtaining Permit: It shall be the sole responsibility of the owner of the property to be built upon or altered to make application for and obtain a building permit. Should it be necessary that a person be required by the building inspector to make application for a permit, the city will have the right to charge an additional one hundred percent (100%) double permit fee. (1995 Code § 15-2-8)
   I.   Separate Permit Required For Each Location; Changes: A separate permit shall be required for each building site. In addition, a separate permit shall be required for any construction or alteration which was not included and approved on the original building permit application for which the current building permit was issued. (1995 Code § 15-2-9)
   J.   Display Of Permit: It shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property to be built upon or altered to display a duplicate copy of the building permit in a conspicuous place on the construction site. Failure to do so may result in a stop order. (1995 Code § 15-2-10)
   K.   Inspections: Inspections by the building inspector of each phase of the construction project shall be required, and shall include, but not be limited to, zoning plan check, rough and final. Upon completion and acceptance of each phase, both the owner's and the city's copies of the building permit shall be signed by the building inspector. (1995 Code § 15-2-11)
   L.   Occupancy: No building shall be occupied or used for any purpose until a final inspection has been made and approved by the building inspector. Whenever any building or structure or equipment therein regulated by this chapter is being used contrary to the provisions of this chapter, the building inspector may order such use discontinued and the structure, or portion thereof, vacated by notice served on any person causing such use to be continued. Such person shall discontinue use within the time prescribed by the building inspector after receipt of such notice. (1995 Code § 15-2-12)