A.   Fund Accounting: A separate account shall be established in the budget and fund accounting system of the city to account for all revenues and expenses of the museum, including revenues generated from sales of merchandise, rental of space, tours and other activities sponsored under or by the direction of the city at the museum. (1995 Code § 55-3-1)
   B.   Treasurer To Deposit: It is the responsibility of the city treasurer to assure the collection of all funds which are revenues of the museum, and the deposit of such funds to the account of the city for use and benefit to the museum. (1995 Code § 55-3-2)
   C.   Insurance And Maintenance: The city shall assure that the building structure, internal operating system, personal property owned by the city, and property leased or on loan to the city, is fully insured and that the building is maintained in a safe, attractive and operable condition consistent with the operations of the museum and the purposes for which the museum was constructed. (1995 Code § 55-3-3)
   D.   Operating Procedures: The city may, from time to time by resolution, define the operating hours of the museum and the terms and conditions of staff employment at the museum to operate the museum in a manner consistent with the purposes for which the museum was founded. (1995 Code § 55-3-4)