A.   Adoption Of Utah Traffic Code: Except insofar as the application thereof is clearly impractical or inappropriate, in view of the context of purposes or penalty as provided, all of the definitions, requirements, regulations, prohibitions, provisions and sections of the Utah traffic code (title 41), as amended, are hereby adopted by the city. Any and all violations thereof shall be considered violations of this section and each such violation shall subject the violator thereof to penalty provisions under this section if proceeded hereunder.
   B.   Adoption Of Off Highway Vehicle Act: Utah Code Annotated title 41, chapter 22, as it applies to all off highway vehicles other than snowmobiles, shall constitute the city ordinances as to the rules and regulations governing off highway vehicles (hereinafter OHV) and the same shall be construed to make them applicable as city ordinances. (Ord. 04-03, 9-14-2004)