A.   Authority; Time Of Impoundment: Unrestrained dogs and nuisance animals shall be taken by the animal control officer and impounded in the animal shelter and there confined in a humane manner. Impounded dogs shall be kept for not less than five (5) working days, except that if any animal shall have bitten or attacked a person or other animal, the impoundment shall be for ten (10) days. (1995 Code § 11-6-1)
   B.   Removal To County Impound: Any animal not claimed within twenty four (24) hours will be removed to a county impound yard, and will then come under the control of the county animal control officer. (1995 Code § 11-6-2)
   C.   Identification Of Owner: If by a license, tag or other means, the owner of an impounded animal can be identified, the animal control officer shall immediately, upon impoundment, notify the owner by telephone, mail or personal contact. (1995 Code § 11-6-3)
   D.   Reclamation Fee: An owner reclaiming an impounded animal before said animal is picked up by Emery County animal control shall pay a fee, in such amount as established by resolution of the city council, for each day the animal has been impounded. (1995 Code § 11-6-4; amd. 2003 Code)
   E.   Citations: In addition to, or in lieu of impounding an animal found at large, the animal control officer may issue to the known owner of such animal a citation for ordinance violation, as provided in subsection 5-1-12B of this chapter. (1995 Code § 11-6-5; amd. 2003 Code)
   F.   Livestock Exemption: Livestock shall not be governed by this section to the extent they are under the regulation and control of the state department of agriculture or fall under provisions of the Utah agricultural code. (1995 Code § 11-6-6)