A.   Dogs: All dogs shall be kept under "restraint", as defined in section 5-1-2 of this chapter, so as not to become a public nuisance. An animal shall not be considered "under restraint" within the real property limits of the owner if an individual engaged in a normal and expected activity may come in contact with such animal on the owner's property. There must be sufficient protection to ensure individual safety. (1995 Code § 11-4-1)
   B.   Care And Control Of Animals: No owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his animals to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance. (1995 Code § 11-4-2)
   C.   Female Dogs Contained: Every female dog in heat shall be confined in a building or secured enclosure in such a manner that such female dog cannot come into contact with another animal, except for planned breeding. (1995 Code § 11-4-3)
   D.   Isolation/Quarantine Of Biting Animals:
      1.   Any animal which bites or, in the opinion of a licensed physician, otherwise exposes any person to the danger of any disease, shall be isolated in strict confinement, at the owner's expense, in the animal shelter or observed for at least fourteen (14) days, ten (10) days for dogs and cats, except as provided in subsection D2 of this section, after the day of infliction of the bite. (1995 Code § 11-4-4; amd. 2003 Code)
      2.   Dogs and cats which have been isolated in strict confinement under proper care and under observation of a licensed veterinarian in a pound, veterinary hospital or other adequate facility, in a manner approved by the animal control officer, after five (5) days of veterinary observation, if upon conducting a thorough physical examination on the fifth day or more after infliction of the bite, the observing veterinarian certifies that there are no clinical signs or symptoms of any disease, said dog or cat may be released. Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, the animal control officer may authorize, with the permission of the owner and other legal restrictions permitting, the euthanasia of a biting animal for the purpose of laboratory examination for rabies using the fluorescent rabies and antibody (FRA) test in an approved public health laboratory. (1995 Code § 14-4-5)