Ord. No.   Date   Description
154-1934   10-1-34   Water routes lease with Eleanor M. and J. Paul Hout of Buckskin Township, Ross City, Ohio.
319   12-16-40   With Gertrude Pommert and William H. Pommert for water rights.
R309   6-5-61   With American Pad and Textile Co. for playground purposes.
659   1-5-56   Lease ground on City Hall lawn.
877   4-6-64   Alley running parallel and south of Pine St. and east line of alley parallel to Fifth St.
20-77   5-18-77   Lease of Tract 1 of Buckskin Township and Tract 2 in Madison Township.
77-9   4-6-77   Lease of 9.2 acres of farm land east of the cemetery.
16-80   9-17-80   Lease of Greenfield Municipal Hospital lands and facilities to Greenfield Area Medical Center.
24-80   12-3-80   Lease of City owned land to Times Mirror Cable Television to be used for the installation of satellite earth receiver stations.
34-81   11-4-81   Lease of southwest ground floor room of City Hall as a branch library of the Highland County District Library.
30-85   7-17-85   Lease of space to Elden Heinz, dba E & J Mobil Telephone for construction of a tower.
14-93   5-5-93   Authorizes lease with Bobb Brothers for a certain portion of Greenfield Railroad.
Res.12-96   9-18-96   Authorizes lease with Pike Natural Gas Co. to allow the construction of a natural gas pipeline through certain City lands.
11-98   6-17-98   Authorizes the leasing of certain real property owned by the City to Dillards Landing, Inc.
27-98   12-16-98   Authorizes a lease agreement with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
8-03   7-2-03   Authorizes an amended lease and option with Roger Dillard relating to 39 acres of land in Buckskin Twp.
Res.01-05   1-5-05   Authorizes a six month extension to the amended lease agreement with Roger Dillard dba Legends of the Living Bible Ministries.
20-11   10-18-11   Authorizes the City Manager to lease for agricultural use 175.70 acres of land located in the Greenfield Industrial Park to John Kinzer Jr.
Res. 25-15   11-18-15   Authorizing the City Manager to enter into a lease agreement with the State of Ohio, Department of Natural Resources to lease the area known as the Paint Creek State Park/Wildlife Area.
Res. 18-17   8-2-17   Authorizing the City Manager to accept the bid of and execute an agreement, with Kenny Friedman, dba Friedman Farms for ± 11.00 acres of land in Ross County commonly known as Farm 4409, Tract 7867.
Res. 19-17   8-2-17   Authorizing the City Manager to accept the bid of, and execute an agreement, with Kenny Friedman, dba Friedman Farms for ± 175.70 acres of land located in the Greenfield Industrial Park.
30-2021   11-2-21   Authorizing the City Manager to execute a contract with Highland County Commissioners for the lease of the Second Floor of the City Building.