Ord. No.   Date   Description
126-1935   9-3-1935   Perpetual easement over property of J.M. and Edith Miley.
175-1935   10-24-35   Land of J.M. and Edith Miley for sanitary sewer line.
177-1935   11-4-1935   Perpetual easement, land for sanitary sewer to sewage disposal plant.
211-1937   3-8-37   From Mary Simpson Mason to construct a sewer.
212-1937   4-5-37   From B&O Railroad to construct sanitary sewer to disposal plant.
400   6-18-45   Abandon right of way of real estate of Josephine Patterson, C.R. Patterson, and C.A. Kenworthy.
817   2-23-62   Perpetual easement granted Ohio state highway department for highway completion.
838   N.A.   To Collins Packing Co., over certain Municipal lands for company operation.
1039   6-21-68   To the Collins Packing Co., a ten foot easement across the sewage treatment site in order to construct its own sewage treatment facilities.
1064   2-17-69   To the Dayton Power & Light Co., for transmission of electricity.
1077   5-19-69   To the Dayton Power & Light Co., for the installation of underground lines for the transmission of electricity.
1085   9-18-69   To the Hoover Ball and Bearing Co., so that it may build a rail siding.
1188   2-21-73   To the Dayton Power & Light Co., for the transmission of electricity.
22-77   7-6-77   From Paul T. Smith for construction of sanitary sewers.
21-80   10-15-80   Purchase from George and Karen Wheaton an easement for right way across part of Lot No. 87.
4-81   2-4-81   To the Dayton Power and Light Co., for the transmission of electricity.
14-82   4-7-82   Accepts a grant of easement from Chautauqua Limited, for the purposes of a bike path and for sanitary sewer purposes.
22-90   8-15-90   To Pike Natural Gas Co., to install, maintain and operate a pipeline.
31-95   11-15-95   To the Highland County Commissioners to construct a new bridge on Centerfield Road.
34-95   12-6-95   To the Ohio Department of Transportation to construct a new bridge on Seventh St.
14-00   6-7-00   Conveys an easement to the Highland County Board of Commissioners.
15-00   7-5-00   Authorizes the Safety-Service Director to obtain an easement for the installation and maintenance of a water line from the Emanual Christian Church.
20-03   11-5-03   Authorizes agreements for the purchase of rights-of-way and easements for the construction of the 10th St. Bridge Project.
09-04   4-7-04   Appropriates an easement from Dick and Sandra Myers for the Tenth Street Project.
27-15   12-16-15   Authorizing the City Manager to execute deeds of easement with Ross County Water Co., Inc. for the construction, utilization and maintenance of a waterline on Parcel No. 401218001000 and Parcel No. 021211036000.