131.02 DUTIES.
   (a)   The duties of the City Manager shall consist of those prescribed in Ohio R.C. 705.59 and also the following additional duties prescribed below and any other duties as required by future ordinance or resolution.
   (b)   The duties of the City Manager are hereby prescribed as follows:
      (1)   Serve as Safety-Service Director and Community Development Coordinator.
      (2)   Make recommendations concerning affairs of the City such as annexation, long range and capital improvement projects.
      (3)   Make reports concerning operations of City departments, offices, and other agencies that may provide direct services to the City that are under the City Manager’s direction and supervision.
      (4)   Prepare and submit annual reports on finances and administrative activities to the public, City employees and Council.
      (5)   Manage day-to-day operations.
      (6)   At the City Manager’s discretion, appoint or remove any appointed officers, and/or City employees in the classified service consistent with State laws and local ordinances.
      (7)   Make recommendations concerning the appointment and/or removal of unclassified officers and/or City employees to the City Council.
      (8)   Delegate duties and responsibilities to all departments, City officers and employees who are under his authority per the Organizational Chart for the City of Greenfield, while stressing accountability and results.
      (9)   Motivate and encourage employee input and participation in decision making.
      (10)   Oversee service for permits and business licenses.
      (11)   Ensure cost-effectiveness of programs, balancing budgets and securing financial health of the community.
      (12)   Work with community leaders and City officials to achieve common goals and objectives for the community.
      (13)   Anticipate future needs, organize work operations and establish time tables to meet community needs.
      (14)   Oversee use of City owned property, community and media relations (in keeping the citizens informed of City business), training and safety, redevelopment and special agency activities.
      (15)   Encourage citizen input, seek feedback from citizens to address and solve problems.
      (16)   Investigate citizen complaints and problems with administrative organization and recommend changes to Council.
      (17)   Solicit bids from contractors and select or recommend appropriate individuals or organizations to perform the work in accordance with Ohio R.C. 735.05.
      (18)   Oversee all purchase for the City in accordance with Ohio R.C. 735.05.
      (19)   Promote and develop the City’s industrial park.
      (20)   Write and submit grants to promote the City, redevelop and develop the City’s infrastructure and public facilities.
      (21)   Administer City planning, zoning and economic development plans.
      (22)   Serve as staff liaison and support as needed for the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Recreation Commission, Civil Service Commission and Downtown Design Review Board.
         (Ord. 17-08. Passed 8-5-08.)