Ord. No.   Date   Description
700   12-2-57   Application of Marion Wylie annexed.
730   7-20-59   Application of Greenfield Realty, Inc., annexed.
849   3-18-63   Annexation of intersection State Route 70 and Greenfield Salina Road #25.
861   11-4-63   Mill St., and County road 25-D annexed.
888   9-8-64   Application James and Freda Crabtree addition annexed.
948   3-21-66   Annex granted to Robert V. and Miriam E. Gordon.
995   3-20-67   Annexation of 33 acres and 54 square rods near the south corporate line of the City.
1146   6-21-71   Annexation of 12.67 acres near the south line of Madison St., an the southeast corner of the Colonial Village Subdivision Block “B”.
1182   11-15-72   Annexation of In-Lot 26 and east one-half of In-Lot 25 of the Cowan and Heidengsfeld Subdivision.
1248   9-18-74   Annexation of 101 square rods at the southwest corner of Hillcrest Drive and Edgwood Ave.
1258   11-20-74   Annexation 10.515 acres near the easterly line of Gray St.
7-75   3-17-75   Annexation of 2.85 acres of Colonial Village Subdivision Block “C”.
7-76   4-7-76   Annexation of land of In-Lots 83 and 84 of the O.F. Beatty Subdivision.
1-79   2-14-79   Annexation of 28.717 acres of land near State Route 753.
9-79   5-16-79   Detachment of property owned by Gerald and Marlene Spangler; Kenneth and Betty Bond; and Leonard and Marjorie Baird.
2680   3-4-81   Annexation of 5.599 acres of land upon the application of Chautauqua Ltd.
30-83   9-21-83   Annexation of approximately 24.53 acres of City owned land.
3-84   1-18-84   Annexation of Beatty Subdivision facing Fifth Street, between Evans St., and Mills St.
4-84   2-1-84   Annexation of 34 acres in Madison Township, being a part of V.M.S. No. 847.
8-84   3-21-84   Annexation of he whole of Lot #24 of the Cowman and Heidings- field Subdivision.
45-84   12-19-84   Detachment of certain property upon application of Alma Grubb.
2-85   1-2-85   Annexation of property owned by and contiguous to the City.
2-87   1-21-87   Annexation of 220.217 acre tract situated in Madison Township and owned by the City.
8-87   2-18-87   Annexation of territory owned by Dennis L. McMurray.
33-87   9-2-87   Amending Ord. 3-84 to include a more accurate legal description.
46-87   11-4-87   Annexation of territory owned by Frank Comeans and Melvin Gray Jr.
24-88   9-7-88   Annexation of a 6.67 acre tract of land in Madison Township.
45-88   1-18-89   Annexation of two tracts of land in Madison Township.
34-89   10-4-89   Annexation of 2.00 acres in Madison Township.
35-89   12-20-89   Annexation of a 4.703 acre tract in Madison Township.
39-89   10-18-89   Annexation of a portion of Grandview Heights Subdivision No. Two.
5-90   4-4-90   Annexation of 2.366 acres in Madison Township.
Res.4-95   4-5-95   Annexation of certain property owned by Robert Strain in Highland County.
Res.6-95   7-19-95   Annexation of certain property owned by Harold G. Beatty in Highland County.
Res.14-96   11-20-96   Annexation of certain property owned by B. & I. Developers in Madison Township.
Res.15-96   12-18-96   Annexation of 3 parcels owned by Christian Union School of the Bible; Stanley Michael and Florence Lovella Greene; and the Ohio Council of the Christian Union.
Res.2-97   2-5-97   Revokes Resolution 14-96 and annexes certain property owned by Susan Beechler.
Res.9-97   6-4-97   Amends Res. 15-96 and approves the annexation of certain property.
Res.3-98   5-6-98   Annexation of 5.752 acres owned by Herb Deatley.
10-98   6-17-98   Annexation of property owned by the City of Greenfield situated in Ross County and contiguous to the City.
Res.1-00   2-2-00   Annexation of property owned by Doris E. Lucas situated in Highland County and contiguous to the City.
Res.2-00   2-16-00   Annexation of property owned by Susan Beechler situated in Highland County and contiguous to the City.
30-01   12-19-01   Repeals Ord. 45-84 revoking the detachment of certain territory in the City.
Res.16-02   12-4-02   Annexation of property situated in Highland County and owned by Mead Employees Credit Union, Inc.
Res. 06-05   5-4-05   Annexation of property situated in Madison Township and owned by Warren and Thelma Hafer, Trustees.
15-14   9-3-14   Annexation of the property located at 702 South Seventh Street (Parcel No. 261900103800).
16-14   9-3-14   Annexation of the property located directly south of 811 South Seventh Street (Parcel No. 262400100300).
17-14   9-3-14   Annexation of the property located at 814 South Seventh Street (Parcel No. 261900108900).
Res. 04-17   3-15-17   Accepting the petition for annexation of the property located at 704 Carford Pike.