Any member of the township road crew, or any employee of the township engaged in road work, is hereby authorized to have removed any vehicle abandoned or parked upon any public highway or street in violation of the terms and provisions of this subchapter, and to take any said vehicle to the tow operator’s impoundment lot designated by the township to receive such vehicles. The registered owner of any said vehicle shall be notified of the fact of the removal and of the place to which said vehicle has been removed, where he or she may obtain the same upon payment of any and all towing and storage charges. Neither the township nor any of its officers or employees shall be held responsible for any damage to any vehicle occurring as a result of towing and/or storage of a vehicle parked in violation of the subchapter.
(2003 Code, § 142-8)  (Ord. 1-2004, passed 6-7-2004)