(A)   Notification of commencement or completion. For all timber harvesting operations that are expected to exceed two acres, the landowner and the operator shall notify the township staff at least 30 business days before the operation commences and within 30 business days before the operation is complete. No timber harvesting shall occur until the notice has been provided. Notification shall be in writing and shall specify the land on which harvesting will occur, the expected size of the harvest area, and, as applicable, the anticipated starting or completion date of the operation.
      (1)   All landowners adjoining the property to be logged shall be contacted by the operator at least 30 business days before harvest is to begin. A list of the landowners contacted will be provided to the township.
      (2)   After the required completion notice has been given to the township staff and before any bonds are released, any access roads coming off a township road shall be removed and put back to original status as certified by the township staff.
   (B)   Logging plan. The operator shall prepare a written logging plan in the form specified by this chapter. No timber harvested shall occur until the plan has been prepared. The provisions of the plan shall be followed throughout the operation. The plan shall be available at the harvest site at all times during the operation and shall be provided to the township and the Planning Commission upon request.
   (C)   Responsibility for compliance. The landowner and the operator shall be jointly and severally responsible for complying with the terms of the logging plan.
(2003 Code, § 110-5)  (Ord. 1-2012, passed 6-4-2012)  Penalty, see § 112.99