(A)   The Township Supervisors are hereby authorized to deny, suspend or revoke any license issued under this chapter when he or she deems such denial, suspension or revocation to be necessary to assist in the prevention of crime and/or necessary to protect the security of the homes of township residents from annoyance. In addition, the Township Supervisors may deny, suspend or revoke any license issued under this chapter for violation of any provision of this chapter and/or for the giving of any false information upon any application for a license hereunder.
   (B)   Notice of the denial, revocation or suspension of a license shall be given, in writing, setting forth specifically the grounds of complaint and the opportunity for a hearing. Such notice shall be given by the Township Supervisors or Township Secretary personally to the applicant or may be transmitted by certified mail, postage prepaid, to the applicant or licensee at his or her address given in said application.
   (C)   Appeals from any denial, suspension or revocation may be made to the Township Supervisors, in writing, at any time within ten days after such denial, suspension or revocation. Such notice of appeal shall state, in detail, the reasons why the applicant or permittee believes said denial, revocation or suspension is improper. No part of a license fee shall be refunded to any person whose license shall have been suspended or revoked.
   (D)   (1)   Hearing on an appeal under this chapter shall be conducted by Township Supervisors according to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Local Agency Law, the Act of April 28, 1978, P.L. 202, No. 53, as amended. Such hearing shall be commended within 45 days after receiving notice of such appeal. The appellant shall be notified of Supervisors’ decision with 45 days, after the conclusion of said hearing, or any, continuance thereof.
      (2)   Said notice of decision of Supervisors shall be given to the appellant, in writing, specifying reasons for said decision and shall be mailed to the appellant by certified mail, postage prepaid, at appellant’s address set forth in the application for license.
      (3)   The decision of Supervisors shall be the decision of a majority of a quorum of the members of Supervisors voting on said appeal and said decision shall be final.
(Ord. 1-2014, passed 5-6-2014)
Statutory reference:
   Pennsylvania Open Meetings and Hearings Act, see 2 Pa.C.S. §§ 551 et seq., 751 et seq. and 65 P.S. §§ 701 et seq.