(A)   Every person desiring a license under this chapter shall first make application to the township for such license. If such person shall also be required to obtain a license from any state or county officer, he or she shall, when making such application, exhibit a valid license from such state or county officer. The applicant shall state thereof and present:
      (1)   A photo identification document in the form of a state-issued driver’s license, state-issued non-driver identification card, U.S. passport or passport card, U.S. military identification, U.S. permanent residency card or photo identification from an accredited institution of higher learning. Photo identification must be valid for the dates during which the licensee will be engaged in solicitation or transient retail business;
      (2)   The name and physical description of the applicant;
      (3)   The complete permanent home and local address of the applicant and, in the case of transient merchants, the local address from which proposed sales will be made;
      (4)   A brief description of the nature of the business and the goods to be sold or the organization on behalf of which funds will be solicited;
      (5)   If employed, the name and address of the employer;
      (6)   If a motor vehicle is to be used, a description of the vehicle together with the motor vehicle registration number and the driver’s license number;
      (7)   The source of supply of the goods or property proposed to be sold, or orders taken for the sale thereof, and the proposed method of delivery;
      (8)   The names of other communities in which the applicant has worked as a solicitor in the past 12 months; and if he or she was employed by a different transient retail business in those communities, the name of those companies shall also be stated;
      (9)   Two recent photographs of the applicant, said photographs being at least two inches by three inches in dimension and clearly showing the applicant’s head and shoulders;
      (10)   Documentation of whether or not the applicant has been convicted of any felony, misdemeanor or crime involving moral turpitude and a brief description of each such conviction;
      (11)   Proof of sales tax permit issued by the commonwealth or proof that the goods sold are not subject to such sales tax; and
      (12)   The length of time, with beginning date and ending date, during which said business or solicitation is to be conducted in the township, said length of time not to exceed six consecutive days.
   (B)   No application for a transient retail business license, including those that exempt from the license fee under the conditions previously covered in this chapter, will be accepted less than three business days prior to the beginning date stated in the application.
(Ord. 1-2014, passed 5-6-2014)