(A)   No person shall engage as a solicitor in any transient retail business within the township without first registering with the township and having obtained from the township a license, for which a fee of $50 shall be charged. The amount of the fee may be amended and fixed from time to time by resolution of the Supervisors.
   (B)   No license fee shall be charged for the following transient retail businesses:
      (1)   To farmers selling their own produce;
      (2)   For the sale of goods, wares and merchandise donated by the owners thereof, or the proceeds of which sale are to be applied to any charitable or philanthropic purpose;
      (3)   To any manufacturer or producer in the sale of bread and bakery products, meat and meat products or milk and milk products;
      (4)   To the seeking or taking of orders by insurance agents or brokers licensed under the insurance laws of the commonwealth; and
      (5)   Noncommercial craft or flea markets when operated no more than 48 hours annually.
   (C)   All persons exempted hereby from the payment of the license fee shall be required to register with the Administrative Secretary/Treasurer and obtain a license from the township without fee; provided, further, that any person dealing in one or more of the above-mentioned exempted categories and dealing with other goods, wares or merchandise not so exempted shall be subject to the payment of the license fee fixed by this section for his or her activities in connection with the sale of goods, wares and merchandise not in such exempted categories.
   (D)   Every license issued under the provisions of this chapter shall be issued on an individual basis to persons engaging in such business; every individual shall obtain a separate license, issued to him or her in his or her name, and the license fee hereby imposed shall be applicable to every such individual license.
   (E)   No person under the age of 18 shall be permitted to engage as a solicitor or in any transient retail business except as provided below.
      (1)   A license shall be obtained by a sponsoring person, company or organization for employment or engagement of any person under the age of 18 in soliciting or a transient retail business. Said sponsor must be at least 21 years of age.
      (2)   A separate license must be acquired for each sponsored person under the age of 18.
      (3)   The sponsor shall be responsible for supervising and controlling the conduct of the sponsored person or persons.
(Ord. 1-2014, passed 5-6-2014)