There are hereby created and established cumulative non-reverting funds into which all monies received from the City of Rising Sun, the City of Lawrenceburg, Dearborn County, or other entity arising or resulting from riverboat gaming activities shall be deposited, administered, and expended in the following manner.
   (A)   The Riverboat Capital Improvement Fund shall receive  25% of the monies for expenditures only for the purchase of buildings, land, easements, or rights-of-way or the construction or improvement of any property owned by the city and which thereafter will not likely require tax revenue funding within the near future.
   (B)   The Riverboat Special Improvement Fund shall receive  75% of the monies for expenditures only for property or projects which will result in special extraordinary benefits to the city and/or citizens that would not otherwise be available from tax revenue.
(1985 Code, § 9-8-11)  (Ord. 1997-9, passed - -1997; Ord. 2000-2, passed 3-8-2000)