(A)   If fuel supplies continue to decrease and the utility’s remaining fuel supply is sufficient in its opinion for not more than 40 days’ operation of its generating facilities, mandatory curtailment will commence in accordance with procedures hereafter provided.  When fuel supplies are sufficient for not more than 40 days’ operation of the utility’s generating facilities or when for any reason sufficient amounts of electric power, in the judgment of the utility, are not available to meet all existing and reasonably anticipated demands for service or to protect the integrity and stability of the system, the utility shall have the right to restrict, limit, or curtail electric service within any of its systems so affected in accordance with any of the provisions of this subchapter.  Priority of service, in the event of mandatory curtailment, shall be as set forth below.
   (B)   The highest priority is Service Priority Class I and the lowest priority of service is Service Priority Class V:
      (1)   Service Priority Class I - Human needs;
      (2)   Service Priority Class II - Residential and living quarters;
      (3)   Service Priority Class III - Commercial and industrial customers;
      (4)   Service Priority Class IV - Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions; and
      (5)   Service Priority Class V - Dispensable uses and surplus capacity power.
(1985 Code, § 6-10-4)  (Ord. 2-1978, passed 2-14-1978)