If fuel supplies continue to decrease and the utility’s remaining fuel supply is sufficient in its opinion for not more than 50 days’ operation of its generating facilities, appeals to users will be made for the voluntary curtailment of load.  Efforts should be made to obtain a decrease in usage of approximately 25%, except that a lesser amount would be the goal for specific customers if the 25% reduction would result in situations where health and safety is not adequately protected.  Public appeals will be made by the utility through appropriate news media asking customers to reduce their use of electric energy by approximately 25% because of the impending fuel shortage.  Direct appeals will be made by the utility to major industrial and commercial customers and to wholesale customers requesting them to shut off nonessential loads, and curtail usage in an effort to obtain a 25% reduction.
(1985 Code, § 6-10-3)  (Ord. 2-1978, passed 2-14-1978)