(A)   Generally.  The cities and town which have initially approved this contract and are the initial members of the Municipal Power Agency are:
      (1)   Anderson, Indiana;
      (2)   Crawfordsville, Indiana;
      (3)   Flora, Indiana;
      (4)   Greendale, Indiana;
      (5)   Greenfield, Indiana;
      (6)   Lawrenceburg, Indiana;
      (7)   Lebanon, Indiana;
      (8)   Logansport, Indiana;
      (9)   Peru, Indiana;
      (10)   Richmond, Indiana; and
      (11)   Tipton, Indiana.
   (B)   Additional members.  Any city or town qualified under the Act which desires to join the Municipal Power Agency subsequent to its creation pursuant to this contract shall indicate its desire by depositing with the Chairperson of the Municipal Power Agency a supplement to this contract executed by the city or town and an acceptable resolution or ordinance of the governing body of the city or town authorizing the execution.  A city or town shall become a member of the Municipal Power Agency upon approval of its executed supplement to this contract by a vote of the majority of all the Municipal Power Agency’s Board of Commissioners.  The Board of Commissioners may condition the approval upon payment of the amount by new members as it shall determine is equitable taking into account assessments previously imposed or members and expended in a manner which will benefit a new member and upon the other matters as it deems appropriate.  The new member’s membership shall become effective upon the approval and compliance with the conditions, if any, established by the Board of Commissioners.  For purposes of voting upon approval of the addition of new members, each Commissioner shall have one vote.
   (C)   Withdrawal of members.  Any member may withdraw from the Municipal Power Agency upon 30 days’ written notice to the Municipal Power Agency; provided, however, withdrawal from the Municipal Power Agency shall not relieve a member of its obligation for amounts owed under the Municipal Power Agency’s current annual assessment budget or under any contract between the withdrawing member and the Municipal Power Agency.  Withdrawal shall not become effective until the withdrawing member has discharged all of its duties and obligations to the Municipal Power Agency up to the date of withdrawal.
(1985 Code, § 6-9-3)  (Ord. 1-1980, passed 5-13-1980)