(a)   Tactical Paramedics assigned by the Fire Chief and confirmed by the Sheriff of Summit County to serve as medical support to the Summit County Sheriff’s SWAT Team, who have met the training requirements established by Fire Division Policy, Summit County Sheriff’s Office training policy and the State of Ohio; and have been authorized to carry by the Fire Chief, shall be permitted to carry a firearm while functioning as a Tactical Paramedic with the SCSO SWAT Team including on callouts, special assignments, stand-by events, training and travel to and from training, and call outs.
   (b)   Tactical Medics authorized to carry a firearm shall be required to provide their own weapon and it shall meet the same specifications as required of the SCSO SWAT Operators and be inspected and approved by the law enforcement Firearms Training Bureau.
   (c)   Upon selection as a Tactical Medic, and prior to authorization to carry a firearm, the member shall meet the policy and training requirements of the Fire Division and Sheriff’s Office and all training requirements established by the State of Ohio for Tactical Paramedics, including but not limited to:
      (1)   Use of force training pursuant to law enforcement training guidelines.
      (2)   Successful completion of firearms qualification testing on an annual basis.
      (3)   Weapons retention training pursuant to law enforcement training guidelines.
   (d)   The assigned Fire Division Tactical Medics shall comply with the provisions of the Fire Division’s “Firearms Policy.”
(Ord. 2019-24.  Passed 2-11-20.)