(a)   Employees using City issued cards are responsible for safeguarding the card. If inappropriate use of the card is discovered, disciplinary action, up to and including discharge from employment, is possible. In the event of fraudulent use, the City may pursue legal prosecution.
   (b)   Improper costs associated with prohibited purchases will be collected by requesting the employee to voluntarily repay the City; or, by the employee voluntarily agreeing to a payroll deduction; or, by the necessary legal action available to the City.
   (c)   Upon the first notice of suspected credit card abuse, the Department Director shall immediately advise the Finance Director who will then consult with the Law Director. The Finance Director will initiate and coordinate an investigation of the suspected credit card abuse. The employee shall be given an opportunity to respond to the allegations being investigated.
   (d)   Following an interview with the employee, and the completion of an investigation, the Finance Director shall issue a final written report to the Law Director, the Human Resources Manager, and the individual’s Director.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18)