City credit and/or purchase card accounts may not be used to purchase the following items:
   (a)   Personal items;
   (b)   Alcohol and entertainment;
   (c)   Controlled substances requiring a DEA license;
   (d)   Employee relocation and relocation-related expenses;
   (e)   Purchases that involve signing an agreement, license, or contract (e.g., leases);
   (f)   Long term rentals (one year or longer);
   (g)   Contracted or personal service providers, specific to unincorporated 1099 service providers (i.e., photographic studios, dry cleaners, physicians, medical labs, auto towing or repair, etc.);
   (h)   Weapons or ammunition;
   (i)   Donations; and
   (j)   Fuel for a privately-owned vehicle or aircraft.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18)