The cardholder should use basic security measures, as outlined below, to guard against fraud:
   (a)   Keep the card in a secure location; guard the card number carefully.
   (b)   Save receipts and statements in a secure area (these may contain the card number).
   (c)   Keep the card in view during the transaction and retrieve it as soon as possible.
   (d)   Know where the card is at all times. If the individual can't locate the card, notify the Finance Director or designee to cancel that card immediately.
   (e)   Be aware of what you are signing. Your signature can copy through to other papers that could be deliberately placed underneath for signature fraud.
   (f)   Audit your monthly statement closely. Make sure all charges shown are legitimate charges.
   (g)   Visit reputable and familiar merchants whenever possible.
   (h)   Report possible fraud immediately.
   (i)   Do not discard credit card transaction receipts in public areas or discard the receipt in whole form. Thieves can acquire the card number from transaction receipts and statements.
   (j)   Do not lend the card to anyone.
   (k)   Do not give the card number to anyone over the phone unless you know they are a reputable vendor.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18)