(a)   Employees must obtain an itemized receipt for every transaction. If a cash register receipt does not have a description, the individual must write the description on the receipt. Any transaction without a properly substantiated receipt, is subject to reimbursement to the City by the employee.
   (b)   A receipt is defined as an invoice, cash register receipt, sales slip, or packing slip which contains an itemized list of goods purchased, with dollar amounts, and the name and location of the supplier. An employee of the supplier must sign handwritten receipts.
   (c)   Purchases Made in Person. Retain the itemized receipt, in addition to, the card copy to properly substantiate the purchase.
   (d)   Faxed or Mailed Purchases. Retain a copy of the order, as faxed or mailed, and the fax confirmation (if available) for your records.
   (e)   Internet Purchases.
      (1)   At least one of the following types of documentation is required:
         A.   Print out of the completed online order form;
         B.   Print out of the online order confirmation; or
         C.   Print out of the e-mail confirmation.
      (2)   The user must immediately advise the Finance Director if a card is damaged, lost, stolen, or the subject of suspected fraudulent activity.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18)