(a)   The card is for City business expenses only. It must not be used for personal purchases. The card is not transferable. It may be used by the cardholder only. Itemized receipts must be obtained for all transactions.
   (b)   Pyramiding. Dividing one purchase into two or more, in order to stay within your transaction limit, is not permitted. Cardholders may not receive cash advances.
   (c)   Cardholders are responsible for resolving discrepancies for that transaction(s), and ensuring credits are received in a timely manner. Any discrepancies must be reported to the Finance Director or designee. Cardholders may not receive cash back or in-store credits for any refunds or exchanges. The refund amount must be a credit applied to the card account. If a supplier mistakenly issues a refund check, it must be submitted to the Finance Department.
   (d)   The City of Green is exempt from Ohio sales tax. Cardholders should not pay Ohio sales tax. The cardholder shall supply a tax-exempt form to the supplier before the card is charged. A copy of the City's tax-exempt form is available for the supplier.
   (e)   If grant funds are being charged, cardholders are responsible for completing the requirements for the grant agency.
   (f)   Cardholders may not make purchases that violate the City's Policy for restricting business transactions that may be perceived as a conflict of interest (purchases from a business in which individuals or their relatives have a financial interest).
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18)