(a)   Determining Who Should Receive a Card. The Finance Director or designee shall review, approve, and determine when a credit card or purchase card account will be opened. Cards will be issued to City employees only.
   (b)   Retrieving Cards From Employees. The Finance Director or designee will retrieve cards from employees who resign from the City, change departments, or transfer to a position which no longer requires the use of a card.
   (c)   Overseeing Appropriate Use of a Card. The Finance Director or designees will:
      (1)   Review all card transactions and management reports to ensure that the card is being used appropriately.
      (2)   Ensure all transactions are marked "Viewed" and "Approved" prior to recording in the General Ledger.
   (d)   Ensuring Documentation Requirements are Met. The Finance Director or designees will:
      (1)   Ensure necessary detail and documentation are provided on all transactions.
      (2)   Ensure that itemized receipts and card statements are retained and kept in accordance with the City's Records Retention Schedule.
      (3)   Make an annual report to the legislative authority to the City of Green for all rewards received based on the use of the card.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18.)