(a)   The cards are to be kept in the control of the Finance Director or his/her designee and will be supplied by the Finance Department. The Finance Director or designee will secure the cards in a safe or in a locked cash box in a secure drawer.
   (b)   The Finance Director or his/her designee must keep a master list of all employees who are permitted to use City cards, along with each employee's title, a master list of cards, and the names that appear on each card, if applicable, within the department. Both lists must be updated, and the Finance Director or his/her assignee notified, whenever changes are made. A copy of both master lists must be on file in the Finance Department and must remain current.
   (c)   Individuals wanting to use a card, must contact the Finance Director or designee. A log with the card name, date of sign in/out time, signature of individual using the card, and a valid purchase order number is to be kept by the Finance Director or designee. The Finance Director or designee must initial each entry on the log indicating approval of the card's use and the purchase.
   (d)   Regular purchase order policy and procedures must be followed whenever an individual anticipates using the card. Every purchase using any card must have a valid purchase order assigned to it before the purchase is legal. The purchase order must contain the vendor name, the description, account number, and estimated dollar amount. No purchase shall exceed a spending limit of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) without the express written consent of the Finance Director or designee. This will assure that sufficient appropriations exist to cover the anticipated charges. Once an invoice is received, return a copy of the purchase order and the receipt(s) to the Finance Department to complete the transaction.
   (e)   It is the responsibility of the purchaser to request a receipt with every purchase and return the receipt with the credit card to the Finance Department. If the card is used for an internet purchase, the purchaser must print the confirmation, invoice, and billing information at the time of the purchase and return to the Finance Department.
   (f)   The user must immediately advise the Finance Director if the card is damaged, lost or stolen.
   (g)   Please be conscious of the sales tax-exempt status, particularly on lodging and other major expenses. The Finance Department will print the tax-exempt forms as needed.
(Ord. 2018-27. Passed 11-27-18.)