(a)   A cemetery lot may be transferred from a deceased owner of record by will, or under statutes of descent and distribution to any transferee except a corporation, other than a fiduciary or the City.  If the estate of a deceased owner is not administered or if such lot or space is omitted from property administered, the right to succeed to record ownership may be established by sworn statement or affidavit.  In such case, title to the lot or space shall be deemed to have passed under the statutes of descent and distribution of the State of Ohio in effect upon the date of such statement or affidavit, without regard to the domicile of the decedent, or the date of death.
   (b)   Regarding the provisions in this chapter providing for the furnishing of a sworn statement or affidavit, the City and its Director of Public Service shall be entitled to rely upon the sworn statement or affidavit. Neither the City nor the Director of Public Service shall be liable for any action taken or denied in good faith in reliance upon any sworn statement or affidavit provided pursuant to the terms of this chapter.
(Ord. 2017-09.  Passed 5-9-17.)