(a)   The Mayor shall submit for Council approval, all future contracts for the following professional services that exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) or more to any one individual or entity or to any related individual(s) and/or entity or entities in the aggregate per year: attorneys, accountants, auditors, architects, engineers, construction project managers, employment search firms, and independent contractors providing public relations/communications services. The Mayor shall notify all City Council members of any contracts entered into for professional services that do not exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) and include detail as to whom the contract was awarded, the general purpose and the amount.  This notification shall be provided no later than fifteen days after the contract is entered into by the Mayor.  Contracts covering any individuals involved in the production, recording, and broadcasting of any meetings for the Mayor or his/her designee, City Council, and the various commissions and boards of the city, shall be exempt from the provisions of this section, insofar as the contract covers these specific acts.
   (b)   Upon the Mayor's submission of a request to award and execute a contract for professional services that involve services identified above in division (a) of this section, the request shall be submitted in the form of a resolution and placed before Council, where the resolution shall be read and debated in accordance with Council Rules. A majority affirmative vote of Council is required before the Mayor is permitted to award or execute any contract that has been identified in division (a). In the event of a disaster, that poses an immediate threat to the safety and health of the citizens of Green, the Mayor's adherence to the requirements of this section may be temporarily suspended.
(Ord. 2010-04. Passed 6-8-10; Ord. 2017-15. Passed 6-27-17; Ord. 2018-16. Passed 8-14-18.)