When the Fire Chief has found it necessary to cause work to be performed as provided in Section 1476.02 or 1476.05, all costs thereby incurred in the performance of such work and the furnishing of materials including advertising of notice shall be promptly paid by the owner. If, within thirty days after the emergency work is performed, the owner fails, neglects or refuses to pay the total cost of such work, the cost shall be paid out of the City Treasury. In addition to the actual costs of such work, an interest rate equal to the current rate of interest charged by the City on special assessments shall be imposed by the City for the life of the assessment, added to all charges previously incurred for said razing and collected as hereinafter stated. The Director of Finance shall then certify the amount so paid by the City, including interest, to the County Auditor. The County Auditor shall enter the amount on the tax duplicate of the County as a special assessment against the real estate on which the building or structure which required such emergency work or razing is or was situated, and such assessment shall be collected, with interest, as other taxes and assessments and, when collected, shall be paid over to the City.
(Ord. 98-3.  Passed 2-10-98.)