(a)   When, in the opinion of the Fire Chief, there is actual and immediate danger of failure or collapse of a building or structure or any part thereof which would endanger life, or when any structure or part of a structure has fallen and life is endangered by the occupation of the building or structure, the Fire Chief is hereby authorized and empowered to order and require the occupants to vacate the same forthwith. The Fire Chief shall cause to be posted at each entrance to such building a notice reading as follows:
   "This structure is unsafe and its use or occupancy has been prohibited by the Fire Chief.  It shall be unlawful for any person to enter such building or structure except for the purpose of making the required repairs or demolishing the same."
   Such notice shall remain posted until the required repairs are made or until the building or structure is razed. No person, other than an employee of the Fire Department properly authorized to do so, shall remove or cause to be removed such notice without written permission from the Fire Chief.
   (b)   The Fire Chief, when it is deemed necessary for the public safety, may temporarily close sidewalks, streets, buildings, structures and places adjacent to such building or structure and prohibit the same from being used.
(Ord. 98-3.  Passed 2-10-98.)