(a)   The Fire Chief shall examine every building or structure reported as dangerous, vacant, unsafe structurally, or constituting a fire hazard. The Fire Chief shall cause a report to be filed in a docket of unsafe structures. The report shall include the nature and estimated amount of damage, if any, caused by collapse or failure.
   (b)   Upon making a determination that a building or structure is unsafe, the Fire Chief shall issue an order to the owner or owners of the unsafe building or structure, at their last known address, notifying the owner or owners that the building or structure is unsafe and that the owner or owners must secure the building or structure in accordance with the order of the Fire Chief.
   (c)   All owners of vacated structures which have been deemed by the Fire Chief to be detrimental to the health and safety of all persons in or about such structures, and who have been notified of such determination, shall comply with the orders of the Fire Chief and shall cause all floors, walls, and roofs to remain in a sound condition and to be repaired to current Code specifications with respect to fire resistance and strength and shall cause all exterior doors and windows to be locked and secured at all times in order to prevent entrance to such vacant buildings by any trespasser.
   The term "secure", as used in this section, means that a covering shall be placed over all doors and windows which are within fifteen feet of the exterior grade, consisting of half-inch thick plywood attached to the framing of all such doors and windows by wood screws of a minimum length of one and one-half inches, placed twelve inches on center. Such plywood shall be painted with a minimum of two coats of exterior oil-based paint. Such paint shall be approved by the Fire Chief.
   (d)   If the person or persons to whom any notice and order under this chapter is addressed cannot be found after diligent search, then such notice and order shall be sent by certified mail to the last know address of such person. A copy of the notice shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the premises to which it relates. Such mailing and posting shall be deemed adequate service.
   (e)   The Fire Chief, in the enforcement of this section, may invoke all of the powers delegated to him or her as are set forth in this chapter.
(Ord. 98-3.  Passed 2-10-98.)