Unsafe Buildings and Structures
1476.01   Repair or removal.
1476.02   Inspection and report; notice to owner; securing vacant structure.
1476.03   Order to vacate; closing streets, sidewalks, etc.
1476.04   Failure to comply with notice or order to remove, repair or vacate.
1476.05   Emergency work.
1476.06   Recovery of costs.
1476.07   Fire-damaged structures; recovery of insurance proceeds.
1476.08   Monitoring of rotary fund.
1476.09   Delegation of powers and duties.
1476.10   Certification by Clerk of Council.
   Recovery from owner of building of total cost of correcting hazardous condition or abating nuisance - see Ohio R.C. 715.261
   Injunctions for noncompliance with building regulations - see Ohio R.C. 715.30