1060.02  RECYCLING.
   (a)   Effective June 1, 1993, and continuing thereafter, curbside recycling shall be mandatory. Each refuse license holder shall implement a curbside collection of recyclables and yard waste for its residential customers. This program shall be on file and approved by the Director of Public Service and shall include bi-monthly curbside collection of recyclable materials, disposal of recyclable materials through a bona fide recycling facility, and collection of yard waste and disposal thereof through a bona fide composting facility. For good cause shown, the Director of Public Service may grant an extension of up to sixty days for implementation of said program.
   (b)   A source-separated curbside collection of recyclables is preferred.  However, a nonsource-separated curbside collection of recyclables may be permitted if the facility meets OEPA guidelines for removal of recyclable materials.
   (c)   Items placed for curbside pick-up may only be picked up by licensed trash haulers.
(Ord. 94-3.  Passed 3-22-94.)