632.01   Definitions.
632.02   Throwing or depositing litter in public places; use of receptacles and dumps.
632.03   Using receptacles to prevent scattering; damaging receptacles.
632.04   Responsibility of landowners.
632.05   Responsibility of merchants.
632.06   Litter thrown from vehicles.
632.07   Litter in parks.
632.08   Litter in bodies of water.
632.09   Dropping litter from aircraft.
632.10   Billposting.
632.11   Litter on occupied private property.
632.12   Litter on vacant private property.
632.13   Construction sites.
632.14   Loading and unloading operations.
632.15   Clearing of litter by Municipality.
632.16   Distributing handbills in or on public places.
632.17   Placing handbills on vehicles.
632.18   Depositing handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises.
632.19   Distributing handbills prohibited where posted.
632.20   Distributing handbills at inhabited private premises.
   Nuisances - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3767
   Placing injurious material or obstruction in street - see TRAF. 412.01
   Loads dropping or leaking; tracking mud; removal required - see TRAF. 440.06
   Removal of animal excrement - see GEN. OFF. 618.13
   Animal nuisances - see GEN. OFF. 618.06
   Dumping - see GEN. OFF. 660.03