(a)   No person shall alter or demolish any historic structure which is a designated landmark or which lies within an historic district, or begin new construction within a historic district without first obtaining a certificate of appropriateness.
   (b)   Applications for certificates of appropriateness shall be filed with the Director of Planning in such form as may be prescribed by the Historic Preservation Commission.
   (c)   The Commission shall make a determination on applications for certificates of appropriateness within thirty days of the filing of the action or within sixty days if a hearing is requested pursuant to this section, unless the applicant requests a time extension. If the Commission fails to render its determination within such time period, the application for the certificate of appropriateness shall be deemed approved.
   (d)   In making such a determination, the Commission may refer to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and to Design Guidelines as adopted by the City of Green Historic Preservation Commission.
   (e)   The Commission may delegate to the Director of Planning the authority to grant certificates of appropriateness without referral to the Commission and without a public hearing in instances of minor alterations of types which the Commission shall previously specify.
   (f)   For certificates of appropriateness regarding historic districts, the Commission shall give notice of the application by regular mail to a contiguous property owners and shall make this information available to the general public at least seven days in advance of the Commission’s acting on such application.
   (g)   On request of the property owner or upon receipt of objection to the proposed change from contiguous property owner or other property owner within the historic district, the Commission shall act on the application only after a public hearing is held.
   (h)   In the case of a denial of a certificate of appropriateness, the Commission shall state the reasons for denial and shall suggest changes which may result in approval. The Commission shall offer to continue to meet with the owner to achieve a mutually satisfactory compromise.
(Ord. 94-16.  Passed 2-14-95; Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17)