(a)   For proposed historic districts, the Commission will notify all property owners, in the proposed historic district, of its intent to designate their property. Within 30 days after such notice, the Commission will conduct a public hearing to explain why historic district status is being sought and the effects of such designation, with all comments being recorded.
   (b)   After the public hearing, at which time public comments will have been received, the Commission will communicate its final recommendation to City Council, along with any comments made during the meeting.
   (c)   If City Council approves the historic district nomination by a majority vote, the district will thereby be designated.
   (d)   If City Council fails to approve the nomination, the Commission may revise and/or resubmit the nomination to City Council accompanied by any supportive information.
   (e)   Once a designation has been obtained, the Commission will notify all property owners of the decision; and the designations will be added to its list, with a copy forwarded to the Planning Director.
   (f)   The Commission will state on all proposed designations specifically which interiors, if any, are covered under the designation. If none is specified, the only the exterior of a building in the historic district will be considered to be designated.
(Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17)