(a)   A property (building, structure, place or object) may be nominated as a historic landmark by an individual, group, or by the Historic Preservation Commission.
   (b)   When an application to designate an individual property or site as a landmark is received or initiated by the Historic Preservation Commission, the owner(s) of the property shall be notified. The property owner or owners will then have 30 days to provide written comments, and/or objections to the property’s nomination. After the 30 day comment period, at the Commission’s next regularly next scheduled meeting, the Commission will hold a public hearing to review the Local Historic Landmark Application.
   (c)   The Historic Preservation Commission shall consider the proposal in terms of the criteria defined in Section 278.02(g). Properties shall be documented to meet at least one of the criteria listed.
   (d)   If the nomination has no comments and/or objections, the Commission may elect to formally designate the property.
   (e)   If there are objections to the nomination, the commission may recommend to rescind the nomination, table the nomination, or schedule a hearing for its next meeting to consider the application. At that hearing, if the Commission votes is favor of designation, it must communicate its intent to the City Law Director for submission to City Council.
   (f)   After the designation of an individual property (building, structure, place or object), the Commission shall notify the property owners of the decision and shall add the new designations to its list, with a copy to the Director of Planning.
   (g)   The Commission shall identify in writing all proposed designations and, specifically, which interiors, if any, are covered under the designation. If no interiors are specified, then only the exterior of a building shall be considered to be designated.
   (h)   From the public hearing to review the local historic landmark application and unless and until the Commission or Council shall fail to designate the property, the property shall be subject to the conditions and requirements as if it were a designated landmark.
(Ord. 94-16.  Passed 2-14-95; Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17)