The Historic Preservation Commission shall have the following functions, powers and duties, exercisable in accordance with the procedures contained in this Code.
   (a)   It shall prepare a historic preservation plan for the City that highlights historic areas and notes distinctive themes or patterns of development significant to the City and which shall chart a course for future preservation activities in the community.
   (b)   It shall have exclusive power to determine the appropriateness of the demolition of any structure or feature within historic districts or of any designated landmark.
   (c)   It shall have power to determine the appropriateness,, by application of the property owner, the construction, preservation, restoration, reconstruction or rehabilitation of any building, structure or object which is a designated landmark or which is within the boundary of an historic district.
   (d)   It shall have the power to designate landmarks and to create historic districts according to the procedures set forth for such action in Section 278.05 and 278.06.
   (e)   It shall keep a list of designated landmarks and historic districts and shall furnish a list to the Director of Planning and make the list available to the public in accordance with the guidelines of the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation’s Treatment of Archaeological Properties.
   (f)   It shall prepare design guidelines for renovations to historic buildings, to nonhistoric buildings within historic districts and for new construction in historic districts.
   (g)   It shall review all nominations to the National Register for the City and shall seek to expand the National Register program in the City. When requested by official action of the Historic Preservation Commission, Council is hereby authorized and directed to employ a qualified, licensed archeologist and/or architect to consult with and assist the Commission on any and all matters set forth in this section.
   (h)   It shall work to record City landmarks through the Ohio Historic Inventory, with duplicates available through the Ohio Historic Preservation Office, which shall be updated periodically reflecting any changes, alterations and demolitions.
   (i)   It may accept grants, gifts and bequests and may recommend to Council that the City apply for such funds to advance its preservation work in the community.
   (j)   It may employ technical consultants to assist it in performing its functions as authorized by Council.
   (k)   It may seek to promote interest in preservation and to educate local citizens by holding workshops and by preparing informational material as appropriate.
   (l)   It shall encourage its members to attend workshops, seminars and other educational programs on historic preservation.
   (m)   It may do any other acts that are necessary and proper to assist it in performing its duties under the terms of this chapter.
(Ord. 94-16.  Passed 2-14-95; Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17)