(a)   The Historic Preservation Commission of the City is established.  It shall consist of five members who shall not hold any elective local office and who shall be appointed for staggered terms of five years.
   (b)   Appointments to the Commission shall be by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. All appointed Commission members shall have a demonstrated special interest, experience or knowledge in history, architecture or related disciplines. At least two of the members shall have background in history, historic preservation, architecture, historic and prehistoric archaeology, landscape architecture, planning, folklore, cultural anthropology, curation or conservation to the extent available or willing to serve.
   (c)   The Mayor shall appoint, with the approval of Council, a Historic Preservation Administrative Officer and shall, from time to time, establish the duties to be performed by such Officer. The Historic Preservation Administrative Officer shall assist the Commission and owners with the implementation and enforcement of this chapter. It shall also be the duty of all officials and employees of the City to assist such Officer and the Commission. The Officer shall also act in an advisory role to other officials on behalf of the City regarding the protection of local cultural resources and organizations concerned with historic preservation.
   (d)   Within 60 days of an opening the Mayor shall fill all vacancies for the remainder of the term.
   (e)   At its first annual meeting, the Commission shall convene and select a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson. It shall then adopt Rules of Procedure. The Secretary shall be a member of the City staff, as designated by the Planning Department.
   (f)   The Commission shall establish its schedule of meeting times and places, but shall meet at least four times a year.
   (g)   All Commission meetings shall comply with Federal and State laws regarding public meetings and for providing adequate advance notice of meetings to the public. A written report of the Commission’s minutes shall be kept on file and be available for public inspection.
   (h)   Commission members shall be subject to Sections 7.2 and 12.7 of the City Charter regarding board and commission general provisions and ethical conduct and conflicts of interest as well as provisions on these subjects in the Ohio Revised Code.
   (i)   The Commission shall prepare a written report at least once a year to Council that summarizes its activities, cases, special projects and recommendations. Such reports shall be available for public inspection.
   (j)   All Commission documents and materials shall generally be available for public inspection and shall comply with State and City public record laws and policies.
(Ord. 94-16.  Passed 2-14-95; Ord. 2013-01.  Passed 2-12-13; Ord. 2014-17.  Passed 12-9-14; Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17.)