278.01  PURPOSES.
   The purposes of the Historic Preservation Commission are:
   (a)   To preserve the distinctive character of the City of Green;
   (b)   To safeguard the architectural integrity of the City’s designated landmarks;
   (c)   To safeguard the heritage of the City by promotion of the use and preservation of elements which reflect the City’s cultural, social, economic, educational, political or architectural heritage;
   (d)   To discourage unsuitable demolitions or incompatible alterations to designated landmarks or structures within historic districts;
   (e)   To foster economic vitality by publicly encouraging private investment in the City’s older buildings and historic neighborhoods;
   (f)   To foster civic pride in the beauty and notable accomplishments of the past; and
   (g)   To act as liaison on behalf of the City to individuals and groups concerned with historic preservation.
(Ord. 94-16.  Passed 2-14-95; Ord. 2017-20.  Passed 10-10-17)