TITLE EIGHT - Boards, Commissions and Committees
   Chap.  260.   Civil Service Commission.
   Chap.  262.   Parks and Recreation Board.
   Chap.  263.   Joint Recreation Board.
   Chap.  264.   Planning and Zoning Commission.
   Chap.  266.   Zoning Board of Appeals.
   Chap.  268.   Charter Review Commission.
   Chap.  270.   Volunteer Fire-Fighters Dependents Fund Board.
   Chap.  272.   Records Commission.
   Chap.  274.   Board of Review (Income Tax).
   Chap.  276.   Beautification Commission.
   Chap.  278.   Historic Preservation Commission.
   Chap.  280.   Public Communications Committee.
   Chap.  282.   Design Review Board.
   Chap.  284.   Audit Committee.
   Chap.  286.   City Tree Advisory Commission.