The job description for the Human Resources Director shall be as follows:
      Human Resources Director
      This position will be responsible for providing leadership and direction for all human resources programs.
      (1)   Human resources organizational planning.
      (2)   Management of employee compensation and benefit program.
      (3)   Directing labor relations and implementing collective bargaining agreements.
      (4)   Management of City safety health services.
      (5)   Assists with general policy administration in all human resources programs.
      This position requires a minimum of six years of successful and progressive experience in human resources management, including a generalist background with broad knowledge of programs.  A bachelor's degree in human resources management or a related field, or any equivalent combination of experience or training, is required.
      General administrative skills and abilities are required.
      Good interpersonal skills, along with good oral and written communication skills, including the ability to prepare and explain written reports to the Mayor, City Council, boards and commissions and the general public.
      Ability to work with the Mayor, City Council and directors to implement human resources projects beneficial to the City of Green and its work force.
      FLSA - exempt/administrative - professional
      Civil service - exempt
(Res. 96-R101.  Passed 5-13-97.)