(a)   With the exception of City payroll checks, the Mayor is hereby authorized and directed to co-sign checks with the Finance Director.
   (b)   With the exception of City payroll checks, the President of Council shall also be authorized to co-sign checks in the event the Mayor is not available to do so.
   (c)   City payroll checks must be signed by the Director of Finance.  In the case of emergencies, absence due to illness or any other circumstance that would preclude the Director of Finance from being able to sign the payroll checks in a timely manner, the Mayor may sign in the Director of Finance's place, or a signature stamp using the Director of Finance's signature may be used if the Mayor is unavailable to sign.
(Ord. 96-2.  Passed 3-26-96; Ord. 04-23.  Passed 11-9-04.)