(a)   Once potentially fraudulent activity is detected, an employee must act quickly as a rapid appropriate response can protect customers and the City from damages and loss.
      (1)   Once potentially fraudulent activity is detected, gather all related documentation and write a description of the situation. Present this information to the designated authority for determination.
      (2)   The designated authority will complete additional authentication to determine whether the attempted transaction was fraudulent or authentic.
   (b)   If a transaction is determined to be fraudulent, appropriate actions must be taken immediately. Actions may include:
      (1)   Canceling the transaction;
      (2)   Notifying and cooperating with appropriate law enforcement;
      (3)   Determining the extent of liability of the City; and
      (4)   Notifying the actual customer that fraud has been attempted.
(Res. 2008-R63.  Passed 11-25-08.)