(A)   The Law Director may file an affidavit with the County Recorder’s Office for any property for which a notice of violation has been properly served, which shall contain the following:
      (1)   The legal description of the property;
      (2)   The name of the owner(s);
      (3)   The department where the owners may obtain copies of the records concerning the Exterior Property Maintenance Code violation;
      (4)   The violation of the Exterior Property Maintenance Code, with specifics; and
      (5)   If costs have been occurred pursuant to § 151.071, a statement setting forth the exact amount of costs that have not yet been collected.
   (B)   Upon completion of the corrective measures required to bring the property into compliance and payment in full of any fees or assessments, the Law Director shall file an affidavit of compliance with the County Recorder’s Office.
   (C)   Noncompliance without remediation or abatement shall attach to the property for a period of seven years, or until the Law Director files an affidavit of compliance, whichever is earlier.
   (D)   During the attachment period, transfer of ownership must include an affidavit from the transferee acknowledging the responsibility of making the repairs, to be delivered to the Law Director.
(Ord. 2022-06A, passed 11-8-2022)